Monday, April 15, 2013

Keep on running...

It's been a while, right? Well i could say all of that common stuff of being busy and in lack in time, however, there have been so many events recently that i wasn't sure what exactly to write about. It turned out to be more difficult than i firstly expected to blog again after a few years. Back then i was a lot younger and careless as to think about what is right...what is not to put up here. But isn't that MY blog, my life, my style? Instead of thinking how it could appear to others, i should just focus on myself and feel the independence of my own built territory.

Last Sunday, when the weather was beautifully pleasant, just around the corner of my place, i started running again...and i missed that! I didn't feel the mood to run during the long winter (which was demonstrative to my body shape), so it felt amazingly GOOD doing it again! Not just for my body, but also for my mind.
It's the time when I'm running when i feel best for taking off my mind, and probably see clear through all my thoughts and the decisions that needs to be done. Running along the woods and the lake, breathing the calm air of nature, i can truly say that i feel great happiness just by that...anyone else too? haha.


The sun at my back, and all of the thoughts, worries and excitement in my mind, it helps me to calm down, to relax and to think over everything. There's such an massive incidence in my life going on right now that i don't really know how to handle it, as i never experienced something like that before (i should run again to think over it again haha!) Well, exactly...keep on running girl.


I've been running for almost 3 hours (and that after 6 months again!) although the road seemed long and endless, i kept on running, just as my life, i keep on running the endless road. i'm worried of what is awaiting me with every step i take, but all i can see from here right now, from my current perspective was all bright. I was almost crushed by the beauty of the deep-blue sky...


And after running through all my worries, i was coated with a golden sunset.
I will definitely keep on blogging, keep on running, and keep on going straight into my future to enjoy even more sunsets...

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Moving on

I spent the last few days preparing everything for the relocation into my new flat, (new flat, new blog, wow) which means i'm tired and busy at the same time. i'll move in this Thursday...
I never had wallpapers in my life before and i knew this single apartment can be entirely decorated by my own without any "rules-to-follow", so i've decided for the most girlish but yet mature look i could think of, ordering wallpapers recommended by K. which i loved from the very first time i saw them! Quite simple yet a very romantic cherryblossom design.
This procedure was tiresome as hell! My muscles are still aching until today from that activity. For the opposite of my room I imagined something more elegant than romantic but still "girlish".

You may think: "Wait! what's that supposed to be?!". Well, well, well, the finished result will be shown later after all my furniture & decoration will be completed~
It took us around 12 hours to complete both walls! Although it was tiresome we (me & M.) still laughed alot and had some fun. 
I just can't wait to hang on my lovely curtains! i'm sure i will create something magically cute, please be patient for more pictures.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A new hope

That awkward moment...when you start all over again. How long has it been since then? I'm not sure what exactly was affecting me to retry blogging again. Perhaps it's "this" kind of time where i've lost focus on myself and wasted emotions all over around to remind me how pathetic this solitude is. To regain who I am while creating what I am. I have no idea where this is going to nor what i actually set my focus to blog about (of course lots of random things). I've worked almost 1 week on this layout until it reached my personal perfection. I woke up a few days ago and my first thoughts were "what if?..." so i turned on my Imac and looked through all of my old layouts, which appeared so cute, girlish and pink. Inspired by that, a very first layout concept was done in a couple of hours, it was quite similar to my old layouts though, the cute and lovely image was fully made into that. The day after i deleted it completely. It was too immature and not grown up at all to fit my current standard. There's still a hint of pink, and a grown up Ayu to resemble Heartplace in a good new episode. i'm looking forward to continue this and to gain some routine in posting. Lets see where this is going to...♥
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